Zac Locke reading

Music should cost less than 99 cents. I believe the record companies should come up with a idea to provide music for cheaper. The artist barely makes any money off their own album sales. So I feel the artist is getting robbed by the record companies. When record companies come down on websites that sell songs at low rates I think thats dumb as well. Receiving some money for a record is better than receiving no more because when those sites are shut down people just illegally download songs. If record companies weren’t so money hungry they could help save the music industry. If the prices of the songs were 25 cent most people would buy songs legally and wouldn’t have a problem doing so. Its a business though so people are going to try to get as much money as possible. With that mind set thats why a lot of illegally post songs and have them download. People want to hear music so they will get it by any means necessary.

Micheal Bull reading

The article talks about how people have personal space when they are using their ipods. I myself make sure when I’m going to use public transportation I have my ipod. The funny thing to me is that ipods have become so large when CD players are cheaper. But with CD players i guess carrying around CDs was annoying. People of all ages have ipods and go along with their daily lives listening to music and enjoying their playlist. In my car I can hook up my ipod to the radio so that I don’t have to listen to the radio. When my friends get the car and we go driving they always request to hear certain songs or ask if they can put their ipod on the radio. One time listening to my ipod in my car cost me a friendship the person got out of line and I had to kick them out my car.

Kembrew McLeod reading

In this reading McLeod brings up songs that are made creatively by people who are fans of artist but legally the sounds are not allowed to be downloaded. Many fans would love to put artist of different genre together so other fans could hear how the songs would sound. But with the artist legal team always making sure the artist material isn’t being used without permission it is a lot harder for fans to do that. Even though it is frowned upon by record companies mash-ups are still being made by fans do to the internet being a great source to make the songs. McLeod also mention how many artist themselves use other artist to mix into the songs that they make. Some mash-up songs I believe are pretty great to listen to and I feel if the person who created the song isn’t making any money off of it, it should be okay for them to do it.

Music analysis Biggie smalls Juicy

The song I choose to speak to you about is Juicy by Notorious B.I.G. This song was released on august 8th 1994 on Bad boy/Arista record label. The producers are Poke of Trackmaster and Sean puffy Combs. The songs melody is sampled from Tmune’s song Juicy Fruit. Total is singing the chorus on the record. Juicy is one of biggie smalls most famous records. It’s a rags to riches story but from an unconventional way. This song has influence many rappers along the years. It is also seen as an icon song for most people in the rap industry.
Juicy starts off with a hi-hat and a low key piano in the background. Mean while you hear the R&B group Total singing softly and Notorious starts talking about how his teachers thought he wouldn’t amount to anything and how people in his building would call the police while he was hustling to make sure he made money to feed his daughter. He speaks through these words doesn’t start a flow yet. It’s like he was making an announcement that he has arrived.
When the bass comes in Biggie starts his first verse with a nice calm flow. Then there is a guitar that starts playing. While rapping Notorious acts like he is laughing and ask a rhetorical question to his friend duke. The line says “Remember rapping duke duh-h, duh-ha you never thought that hip hop would take this far.” With this quote Biggie is saying even though his friend believed in him, he didn’t know that he was going to make this big in the music industry. In the same verse he uses a simile that isn’t a common use that people would use. The line he used is “time to get paid, blow up like the world trade.” Now if you think about it now you would say it was very insensitive of him to use that line because of 9/11. Since the song was made in 1994 he is talking about when there was an attempt to blow up the world trade in 1993. So with that line he is comparing himself to how large his career will be.
Notorious is a story telling rapper. When you hear his rhymes he is very descriptive in what he is saying. It’s like you were right there when it happen as you listen to him speak. When the first verse is over the group Total starts singing the chorus. The words to the chorus are:
You know very well who you are
Don’t let em hold you down, reach for the stars
You had a goal, but not that many
’cause you’re the only one I’ll give you good and plenty

When the chorus starts the beat gets a little softer and Total harmonizes over the track with those inspirational words. As the second verse starts the beat comes back like the beginning of the song and Biggie flow is amazing. He starts talking about how he didn’t believe this rapping stuff word work and he would smoke weed with his friends all day. Biggie even says spread love like it’s the Brooklyn way even though he just mention that he change from being a common thief from Brooklyn. He is speaking from the heart and rhymes like he is having a conversation with you, but he is rapping. Towards the end of the second verse you have one of the girls from Total harmonizing over biggie rapping to make a great end to a verse.
As the third verse starts you hear Biggie Smalls rap flow gets a little bit more excited he not is not as calm as in the beginning. He starts the verse of saying “Super Nintendo Sega Genesis when I was dead broke, man I couldn’t picture this.” This is his last verse and he starts to brag about the things that he has accomplished because of how far he came in the rap game. Towards the end of the song the beat still goes on and biggie stops rapping and starts talking again and says representing B-town in the house. He does that just to show respect to where he is from and what made it possible for him to tell his story.

Michael Coyle, Hijamcked hits and antic authenticity cover songs, race, and postwar marketing

The meaning of “cover record” is when a popular song was sung by a black person or group and it appealed to white pop chart. So they had a white person or group remake the song so that it could sell better to white people and that person or group could make money. Meanwhile it kept black music out of the white pop charts and blacks couldn’t make or perform in the white areas. White performers would also hijack a hit. This means you have a black artist who came out with the song first and a white artist with the same song and because the white artist is in the white market the song does better. These two actions in American history are horrible and wrong. Stealing someone’s work and covering it as if it was your own just because the color of that person skin. They worked hard on their music and nobody should be hijacking it or covering it up its just wrong and people aren’t getting the recognition that they deserve or the money that they were suppose to receive. How would you feel if you put your blood sweat and tears into a song and someone just came and stole it? All that work for nothing I myself would be livid. When songs were hijacked there were no concerns about artistic integrity or authenticity of what the song was saying. Later on Otis Redding helped mark the change in nature of black to white crossover dreams.

Millard 11-12

Rock ‘n’ Roll became the most influential popular music in the twentieth century. It is said that Rock ’n’ Roll is combination of R&B styles mixed with parts of country music. Rock ‘n’ Roll was capable of going into films and television with no problem. The music was leading the country for many years. The electric sound of Rock ‘n’ Roll was new to people the electric guitar and the amplifier played through loudspeakers was a new revolution of music that people in America started to love. Rock ‘n’ Roll was a huge influence on independent record companies because it helped the record companies stay in business because the music was popular and technology made it easy to record. The old technology of recording made it expensive to make and hard for independent companies to stay running so the old way of recording became obsolete. Rock ‘N’ Roll was seen as mainly music for the young people so that they could dance and have fun. Young white kids would buy black Rock ‘n’ Roll music so that they could cross the color barrier without being notice because they liked the music to dance to. Seeing Rock ‘n’ Roll on television made it an important image as radio was replaced by television in the 1950’s. Songs that where played on the radio the year before jumped to the top of the billboard charts when they were seen on television. The visual aspect of songs is important in the fact of making some songs popular. Racism was still a factor so a lot of black Rock ‘n’ Roll artist didn’t get the recognition that they deserved. When it is all said and down Rock ‘n’ Roll in my opinion was the gate way of getting wild and crazy. Some of the lyrics were raunchy and had to be changed before they were actually recorded to be heard. I still believe though that rock and roll started its own way of being yourself and saying what you want it had cockiness to it.

Topic Proposal

The topic that i will be discussing in class is Little Richard and how he considers himself the king of Rock ‘N’ Roll. I will get in-depth with his music and what made him believe he was the king. Also i will display his musical talents just in case someone never heard any of his songs.

Millard Pg. 285-295 perfecting studio recording

I never paid attention to how much effort it would take to make a recording. I always thought that there were multiple microphones while songs were being recorded. But I learned that in the beginning of song recording they use to only use one mic and when using multiple mics was introduced it took a while for the concept to catch on. When the companies finally caught on to multiple mics they did something smart and used a process call leakage which help make sure that the mics didn’t pick up other musicians. I would wonder why it would take studios so long to follow this trend because they knew that multiple mic trend had a better sound when recorded. I agree with Millard when he mentions there is a huge difference between recorded records and live performance records that’s recorded. Live performance in my opinion is always better cause you get the true essence of the way they artist is trying to sing their song.
The tape recorder seemed like it was a simple object to use. It made editing songs a lot easier for people. The tape recorder that Millard talks about seems a lot more primitive then the ones we have now which they are. But with tape recording it made it possible for dubbing to be done. I never knew what A&R letters meaning, but I did know what the person did though. A&R reps do find a lot of artist who do become stars. Studios were learning knew recording techniques most major recording studios still used disc instead of tape to record but as time progress tape recordings became popular with musicians. It was an important change in recording studios cultural because musicians, producers and engineers were becoming equals.

Juicy by Notorious B.I.G aka Biggie Smalls

The song I chose to speak to you about is Juicy by Notorious B.I.G. This song was released on august 8th 1994 on Bad boy/Arista record label. Producers are Poke of Trackmaster and Sean puffy Combs, the melody is sampled from Tmune’s song Juicy Fruit. Chorus of the song is sung by the group Total.
Juicy starts off with a hi-hat and a low key piano in the background you hear the R&B group Total singing softly and Notorious starts talking about how his teachers thought he wouldn’t amount to anything and how people in his building would call the police while he was hustling to make sure he made money to feed his daughter. His mood in this song is calm and subliminal the whole way through while setting a plateau of visuals for people to see how he made the transition from where he was to where he is now. When the base guitar and drums starts to play Notorious starts telling you how he first was dreaming of leaving this horrible life that he was living. Notorious was selling drugs and was a common thief so he could get by in life. Biggie has a monotone voice while he is saying his lyrics he’s trying to make people have a clear understanding of the pain and struggle that he and other black men endured coming up in society. The chorus of the song says this “You know very well who you are
don’t let em hold you down, reach for the stars. You had a goal, but not that many ’cause you’re the only one I’ll give you good and plenty”. The chorus is telling him that he knows what he can do and that if he had a goal that he can achieve it and to believe in himself. Through his lyrics Notorious explains how rapping has changed his life for the better. Due to his success in the music industry he no longer has to resort to robbing people and selling drugs. Biggie used his mind and music as an outlet to remove himself from the harsh environment that he was exposed to. Now he has money to spend with no problem and he can take care of his family and friends without worrying about anything. He made it out of the ghetto into a better community. Now he is living in a lap of luxury.
This song is important to the music industry because it help build hip hop to another level. Hip hop was starting to make moves in the country and was making a buzz in the music industry. Not too many people who were rapping were actually making money off the deals that they had. When this song came out Notorious showed people that rapping can change your life and get you out of the bad living and money situation that you are in. Juicy also inspired young minority youth into doing things that their mind was set on to do that was positive. Don’t pay any mind to the nay sayers they just trying to hold you back. If you believe in yourself you can do anything your mind wants. This song inspired many people to do well with their lives. People seen that Notorious came from nothing and raised up to do something positive with his life and he told others that they can do it as well. Juicy was just a positive song all around it made people believe that they can achieve it made you feel good. As Juicy became more popular Notorious fan base grew a lot more he is seen as one of the best rappers who ever lived. His positive song Juicy open doors for many more rappers which helped the hip hop industry to receive such a wide range of artist.

If you never heard the song and want to hear it here’s the link

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